Compliance & Risk Management

Don't Let the Stress of Keeping up with Changes and Ensuring Adherence Get you Down

Assisting in adherence to intricate regulatory structures concerning contracts.

Pope International helps to ensure compliance with complex regulatory frameworks for USAID contracts including FAR and AIDAR regulations. Since USAID contracts often involve working in difficult environments, such as areas with political instability or health risks, often affecting project implementation, Pope seamlessly mitigates these risks on your behalf.

5 Ways That Pope International Ensures Alignment & Compliance

Award Compliance

We ensure businesses understand and comply with government regulations, including FAR and agency-specific regulations.

Contract/Award Interpretation

We guide compliance related to the specific contract.

Compliance Reviews

Offering thorough compliance audits, we deep dive into regulatory requirements, contract terms, and internal processes to identify areas of improvement and the highest level of compliance.

Policies and Procedures

We pride ourselves on integrating compliance risk management, reporting requirements, and communications into internal processes.

Source Selection

Pope International assists with proposals or bid evaluations, starting with issuing the RFP, setting evaluation factors and criteria, and then the selection process.

Going Above and Beyond

Distinguishing ourselves in the industry, Pope International stands out as a trailblazer in USAID contracting expertise, guiding implementing partners to unparalleled heights of compliance excellence. Our seasoned professionals leverage extensive knowledge and experience to ensure adherence to USAID regulations and proactively lead our partners toward success.

Through strategic insights, meticulous planning, and a deep understanding of the intricacies of USAID contracting, we empower implementing partners to navigate complexities seamlessly and achieve levels of compliance that set new industry standards. Our team goes above and beyond offering comprehensive compliance audits that go beyond basic checks. This involves a deep dive into regulatory requirements, contract terms, and internal processes, helping clients identify areas for improvement and ensuring a higher level of compliance, followed by customized training programs to educate client teams on compliance and risk management.

Discover the Pope International Advantage

We pride ourselves on maintaining an unwavering commitment to staying abreast of ever-evolving regulations, ensuring our clients are consistently in compliance with the latest industry standards. Our team’s adeptness at navigating complex regulatory landscapes is complemented by our close collaboration with USAID contacts. By fostering strong relationships and open communication with key USAID stakeholders, we ensure a seamless flow of information, contributing to the success of our clients’ endeavors.