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Due to the centuries of experience that the Pope International team has, we can offer best in class Integrated Development Solutions to our partners.
While there might be others that can offer a piece or two of the international development puzzle, due to our breadth of experience, PI is unique in its capability to meet all of a partner’s international development needs using a highly integrated approach.

PI is lead by its founder and CEO, Charles S. “Chuck” Pope, who is a recognized global leader of acquisitions and agreements and is a formerly commissioned Foreign Service Officer and warranted senior Contracting/Agreement Officer for USAID. Additionally, Chuck is a development professional with over a quarter century of experience on four continents working for the US Government and implementing partners (contractor/recipient).


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  • Program & Project Management
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  • Risk Management


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part·ner   [ˈpärtnər]  

partner (noun) · a person or group that takes part with another or others
in doing something.

part·ner·ship [ˈpärtnərˌSHip]

partnership (noun) · an association of two or more people as partners.

Here at PI, we believe in, seek, form and nurture partnerships. In fact,
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Charles S. “Chuck” Pope is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of his own government contracting/international development firm, Pope International LLC, which specializes in Integrated Development Solutions for its partners.

In April of 2022, he retired from USAID as a commissioned Foreign Service Officer and senior Contracting and Agreement officer after a more than 20-year distinguished federal career with postings to Russia, Afghanistan, Tanzania and India leading overseas acquisition and assistance efforts. Prior to retiring, he held a number of senior leadership positions at the Agency: Senior Regional Advisor for the Middle East, Chief of Operations in the Global Health Bureau and Deputy Assistant Administrator in the same bureau leading policy, programs, planning, innovation and systems.  

He started his career overseas in Russia as a Peace Corps volunteer attached to Moscow City Administration (Zelenograd Prefecture) working on NGO development. Afterwards, he went to work for IREX in Central Asia on the State Department’s Internet Access and Training Program. IREX would later promote Chuck to Regional Director of the Caucasus overseeing all its State Department and USAID programs in the region.

Peace Corps subsequently hired him as Administrative Officer to restart the program in Uzbekistan, which had been closed following 9/11. The program would grow to become one of the largest Peace Corps posts, with Chuck also serving a stint as Country Director.

After his tour, the Peace Corps put Chuck in charge of training new Administrative Officers for overseas assignments. During this time, he also served the Agency as the Financial and Administrative Officer of the Hurricane Katrina Relief efforts, the historic deployment of the Peace Corps domestically.

Prior to public service, Chuck grew up on his family’s farm in Kansas and was an accomplished athlete, winning collegiate national championships as both a player and a coach, and garnering all-American accolades at the junior college level before going on to start at Baylor University as center on the football team. He trades his time between a horse farm outside of DC that also functions as a therapeutic riding center for individuals with special needs, and his place outside Colonial Beach, which is near his family’s ancestral home of Popes Creek, VA, aka George Washington’s birthplace.