Capacity Building & Localization

Looking to Increase Funding from Local Donors?

At Pope International, we provide support by improving the approach to localization and local capacity strengthening (LCS).

7 ways Pope International Helps You Gain Local Partners:

Developing a Localization Strategy

Aligning program goals with the 14 best practices of USAID. Customizing strategies to fit the unique needs of each partner and project.

Capacity Building Workshops

PI believes in continuing education. We tailor training sessions to focus on Local Capacity Building and Sustainable Development Goals for specific contexts and challenges of various regions.

Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Enhancement

Implementing locally led monitoring and evaluation strategies utilizing local insights and participatory methods into the M&E framework.

Stakeholder Engagement and Networking

Making connections that last. By leveraging Chuck Pope’s extensive network, we help facilitate meaningful engagement with local partners and communities to build strong local connections.

Proposal and Grant Writing Support

Guiding partners through the intricacies of proposal writing for USAID. Ensuring proposals align with localization principles and stand out in competitive processes.

Compliance and Best Practices Training

By taking a proactive approach and sharing Chuck Pope’s extensive experience, best practices, and insights, we provide comprehensive training on USAID’s compliance requirements.

In-Country Professional Support (Coming Soon)

PI is proud to partner with Atlas Corps. We connect clients working on improving their localization efforts or government agencies requiring in-country assistance by skilled local professionals.

Unsure of How to Navigate Local Policies & Build Sustainable Partnerships?

In the realm of international development, understanding and adhering to localization policies pose significant challenges for our clients. The intricate task of deciphering these policies and determining effective approaches can be a daunting process. Pope International understands the importance of not only grasping these policies but facilitating the entire journey seamlessly.

How does Pope International Execute?

We begin with a deep dive into understanding and documenting USAID’s localization priorities and the specific challenges present in the country of interest. Through meticulous analysis of public documents and tatements, coupled with stakeholder meetings facilitated in partnership with the country office, we gain invaluable insights into the critical needs on the ground.

Leveraging our expert knowledge, we provide informed guidance on USAID’s key priorities and challenges surrounding localization efforts. Collaborating closely with our team, we strategize how to position our client as a preferred partner in localization initiatives, ensuring alignment with USAID’s objectives. Additionally, we actively engage with local organizations to enhance their capacity for partnerships with implementing partners, fostering sustainable collaborations that drive impactful change.

Discover the Pope International Advantage

Having Chuck Pope, founder of Pope International, as our leader and seasoned expert, gives us the upper hand with his rich background at USAID. He shares his knowledge of the 14 best practices in localization per USAID. He has a proven track record of successfully guiding organizations through the localization process, enhancing their operational effectiveness, and aligning with USAID’s strategic objectives.


At Pope International, we understand the complexities and nuances of Localization in the context of USAID’s initiatives. With the esteemed leadership of Pope International’s CEO, Charles S. “Chuck” Pope, our approach is uniquely positioned to guide USAID implementing partners through the intricate landscape of localization, ensuring their programs are not only compliant, but also effective and impactful.