Business & Professional Development

A Strategic Edge That Transforms Connections into Pathways for Sustained Success

Our goal is to help businesses navigate the competitive landscape and secure government contracts for long-lasting professional partnerships.

With strong ties to government agencies, prime contractors, and industry stakeholders, Pope International delivers not only opportunities but crucial insights for success. Our expertise lies in cultivating and nurturing relationships, strategically facilitating teaming and partnerships to unlock exclusive opportunities and invaluable insights for our clients.

Hit the Ground Running with Pope International

Business development for government contracting involves a range of services aimed at helping businesses identify, pursue, and win government contracts. Designed to assist companies in navigating the complexities of public procurement process and building successful relationships with government agencies. Here are Pope International’s key services offered for business development in regards to government contracting:

Market Research, Analysis & Identifying Ideal Opportunities

Our expert team conducts thorough research to pinpoint relevant government procurement opportunities and analyze agencies' trends, budgets, and upcoming projects for informed decision-making.


Create capture plans outlining the approach to pursue a contract, including competitive analysis and teaming strategies. Then, we develop strategies to capture or win government contracts for long-term partnerships.

Teaming &

Pope International strategically identifies potential partners, enhancing capabilities through meticulous selection. By fostering valuable collaborations, we ensure diverse expertise, resources, and skills, elevating our clients' capacity for exceptional results.

GSA Scheduling & Contract Vehicle Assistance

Pope’s team of professionals assist in navigating the GSA schedule process and other contract vehicles. We guide clients through the intricacies, ensuring a streamlined and successful procurement journey.

Customized Training and Workshops

Pope International offers tailored training workshops to educate staff on the USAID contracting process, regulations, and best practices, according to client’s requirements.


Assisting in developing strategic planning, and aligning the client’s capabilities with USAID or other government agencies' needs; fostering synergy for successful collaborations and impactful outcomes.

How does PI Execute?

We provide support to the client’s business development team with strategies and solution-development inputs. We do this by:

  • Developing a competitor’s landscape review for USAID and other agencies.
  • Write the concept note for a non-profit organization supporting International Development Staffing services.
  • Review and analyze client’s quals in the country, identifying unique strengths, gaps, and weaknesses.
  • We work with the team to develop unique offerings and to effectively position themselves with USAID. Also, working side-by-side with the team to address key weaknesses and gaps as needed.
  • Provide talking points and prepare the team for upcoming meetings with USAID. If determined to be advantageous, we will be by your side and attend the meeting with USAID.
  • Create the products and services to position the client as a preferred partner.
  • Develop marketing materials that reflect key USAID priorities, offering unique solutions.
  • Establish concept notes, ideas, etc., to describe potential offerings that can be pitched to USAID.
  • Expert-level USAID guidance for BD workshops, retreats, or other strategic sessions
  • Initial assessment of client’s capabilities, strategic planning, and pipeline development.

Discover the Pope International Advantage

Our team is composed of highly experienced consultants in international and business development with strong connections with agencies, prime contractors, and industry stakeholders. We bring a broad perspective, having worked for USAID, other donor organizations, small and large implementing partners, as well as working with local (in-country) partners.


With over 25 years of experience in the US Government and implementing partners, Chuck ensures Pope International excels in acquisitions and agreements.