Acquisition & Assistance Support

Mastering Federal Regulations

Assisting with Acquisitions and Proposals to Compliance and Maintaining Long-Lasting Partnerships

Navigating the intricacies of FAR & AIDAR Clauses and understanding USAID policies pose a significant challenge for proposal and award management. These federal regulations and guidelines are crucial for government contracts and grants. The complexity arises from the detailed requirements and compliance standards, demanding a nuanced understanding to ensure accurate and successful proposal submissions and effective award management. This challenge underscores the need for expertise and comprehensive knowledge of federal acquisition regulations to navigate the complexities of the process successfully.

Boost Your Success: Expert Guidance in Proposal and Award Management

7 Ways Pope International Helps Your Team From Acquisitions to Contract Closing

Proposal, Application, and Concept Note Assistance

We craft compelling and compliant proposals in response to government bids, ensuring alignment with all requirements.

AO/CO Approvals & Interactions

PI works with Agency AOs/COs to submit relevant documentation and outline proposed actions (rationale, impact, and associated risk) to make informed decisions and facilitate the approval process.


We ensure agreements are favorable to the business while complying with regulatory requirements. It’s a win-win!


PI offers skills, contractual expertise, and knowledge in procurement regulations to ensure changes are properly documented, analyzed, and approved according to contractual requirements.

Navigating FAR and AIDAR Clauses

We assist in understanding the ins and outs, applying, as well as staying compliant with these government regulations.

USAID and Other Agencies’ Policies

PI is well versed in USAID’s policies AND other agencies to include "Allowability of Costs," "Grants under Contract," and "Localization."


Managing the administrative processes and requirements necessary to ensure all contractual obligations have been met, and regulatory and financial matters are resolved.

Proven Excellence: Unveiling Our Track Record of Success

  • Co-Creation Sessions: Lead co-creation sessions for USAID Missions, serving as a Subject Matter Expert (SME)  for USAID El Salvador’s mission.
  • Subcontractor Assistance: Act as a subcontractor to assist USAID’s Professional Development and Training Division in D.C., specifically for the Innovative Finance Services Task.
  • Proposal Team Leadership: Lead proposal teams by conducting a USAID-style Technical Evaluation Committee (TEC), teaching the team the process and style for future replications.

By providing comprehensive support to the business development team, and offering strategic insights, Pope International delivers solutions for developing the future.

Discover the PI Advantage

Our commitment to deep industry knowledge empowers us to customize services, addressing distinct needs and challenges of our clients. We offer comprehensive, end-to-end solutions spanning the entire acquisition process, from initial planning to seamless post- acquisition integration. Stay ahead with our team, always be up-to-date on the latest regulatory changes and compliance requirements, ensuring expertise in navigating complex regulatory landscapes.

Our founder and CEO, Charles S. “Chuck” Pope, along with our team of accomplished consultants, bring unparalleled expertise, ensuring Pope International’s excellence in acquisitions and agreements.