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Acquisition & Assistance Specialist for USAID

Pope International | Integrated Development Solutions is seeking resumes for upcoming Acquisition & Assistance (A&A) Specialist positions to support USAID worldwide.

Primary Work Location: Remote

Security Clearance Requirements:  Facility Access or Secret Clearance (or at least the ability to get a clearance).

Key Responsibilities & Essential Functions

  • Ensure completion of all business activities and preparation of all required documentation to support the award, administration and closeout of contracts, grants, cooperative agreements, interagency agreements, awards to public international organizations, and all amendments/modifications thereto.
  • Ensure the package of documents is complete for the review and approval of the USAID Contracting/Agreement Officer.
  • Provide subject matter expert level review of requests for obligation in USAID’s Global A&A System (GLAAS) for accuracy prior to proceeding with the procurement process.
  • Develop A&A solicitations and post them on the Government Points of Entry at (acquisition) or (assistance).
  • Advise clients’ technical/selection committees on technical evaluation and merit review and budget issues. Participate in pre-award reviews and assessments, draft documents, and analyses (including cost analysis of proposals/applications), post-award orientation conferences, and provide guidance.
  • Perform necessary research and preparation for all documentation associated with the execution of new awards and the termination of existing awards.
  • Submit periodic reports on the status of applicants and of required documentation.
  • Work independently, with very little guidance or supervision.
  • Provide procurement assistance, advice, and guidance to junior contracting/grant staff; and advanced A&A guidance to federal agencies and USAID.
  • Work with program offices to develop requirements for Statements of Work.
  • Facilitate meetings, including working with stakeholders to develop agendas.
  • Conduct market research and cost and price analysis.
  • Develop A&A documentation, including requirements documents, acquisition/assistance strategies, solicitations, evaluation criteria, source selection decisions and negotiation memoranda.
  • Publish Requests for Proposals and New Funding Opportunities.
  • Correspond and effectively and professionally communicate with government officials and implementing partners.
  • Report on project status in internal and client meetings.
  • Develop award documents and execute actions in Performance of Routine Information System Management (PRISM) to support the Contracting Officer/Agreement Officer in making new awards.
  • Review contracts, agreements, grants, and award modifications.
  • Provide post-award acquisition and assistance support.
  • Perform other job-related responsibilities as assigned.


  • Possession of a Baccalaureate Degree or the equivalent of a four-year US college / university (or equivalent accreditation if a non-US institution) degree.
  • Note: Additional education will NOT be substituted for Experience.


  • A minimum of ten years of progressively responsible experience in acquisition and assistance, development assistance, or a position that requires closely related skills, such as program management, law, or financial management, is required. At least one year of this experience must have been gained working in a position equivalent to not less than the next lower level of FSN responsibility in this or an occupation that requires similar skills, within a USG organization, the Host Government, the private sector, or within an international or donor organization. Note: Additional experience will NOT be substituted for Education.
  • Knowledge of USAID’s A&A regulatory framework, including the AIDAR, APS, AAPDs, OMB Circulars, FAM/FAH, and 22 CFR Chapter II. Demonstrated knowledge of the Federal Acquisition Regulation.
  • Strong organizational, communication, writing and analytical skills to effectively interact with program and contracting officials.
  • Attention to detail, high standards of excellence and commitment to perform and execute all project activities successfully.
  • Experience with PRISM or similar contract management systems preferred.
  • FAC-C/DAWIA certification at Level II or Level III and/or NCMA CPCM certification preferred.